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Conservation is the Word

Tom Owens Caye Belize. Reef CI project

Divers are such interesting people. They are often people with great values and, as I’ve discovered, strong opinions about conservation and ecology. But, what’s really impressive is that they don’t just talk about it, they get involved in projects that are helping to preserving our oceans and marine life. 

Whilst I was still at home recovering from my illness, my friend Merlin had become a dive master and, on the Cozumel trip, I could feel a strong motivational energy coming from her whenever conservation was mentioned. Merlin now organises worldwide trips and I can hardly keep up with where she is this week! You can check upcoming trips out on

As a result of listening to people and seeing the type of conservation in which I could play a part, my diving focus has also changed. I want to enjoy my diving and dive responsibly. I also want to contribute to and learn from charitable projects and scientific research. So, thanks to DiverMojo, I can now take a pride in combining recreational diving with conservation diving. I’ve  had two recent fabulous trips to Belize and the Maldives. But I’m rushing ahead…. you’re going to have to wait a wee while to read more about both of of those exciting projects because I still have to tell you about diving in Florida, Costa Rica, Colombia and Gozo before I get to Belize and the Maldives….. it gets better and better.


Lion Fish
Fabulous diving buddies – ‘Photo call’ for Diver Mojo on Reef CI Project onTom Owens Caye

2 Replies to “Conservation is the Word”

    1. Follow Grandma is in interesting times, otherwise known as ‘lock down’ in Scotland.
      Sadly, only able to dream of diving in …. that may be some time. One divertissement will be to sift through the wonderful trips and memories as we wait and watch the new and hopefully better world arrive.


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