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Follow Grandma Diving

Travelling Solo

As part of my regular Follow Grandma Diving blogs I’m re-reading my old diaries and some of the ‘Wisdom’ is worth sharing. Whether you’re a diver or a general traveller to far flung places here are a few tips to make it easier when you’re travelling solo. My trip to Cozumel, a small Mexican island,…

Cozumel Goodbyes and Friends

Usually I keep goodbyes at airports and stations brief. I don’t like those long, lingering, small talk goodbyes where everyone wants the end to be nigh and the train to carry them off. The last morning in Cozumel was different. I was preparing to leave the resort but some of my ‘diving family’ were staying…

Conservation is the Word

Divers are such interesting people. They are often people with great values and, as I’ve discovered, strong opinions about conservation and ecology. But, what’s really impressive is that they don’t just talk about it, they get involved in projects that are helping to preserving our oceans and marine life.  Whilst I was still at home…

Drifting Along in Cozumel

I live a long way from warm water and I like to dive in a warm sea and surface to a welcome blast of sunshine. When people ask if I dive in Scotland I tend to raise an eyebrow and reply “Is this me you’re asking? No way!” So, Cozumel, in sunny Mexico was perfect.…

Over The Rainbow in Cozumel

I went to Mexico to dive for a week in Cozumel with a group organised by a company called ‘Over the Rainbow’. I quickly realised why people enjoyed coming back year after year to dive with this company and to be with divers they knew. Over the Rainbow, now renamed Scubameat is run by…

Why Follow Grandma Diving?

‘Follow Grandma’ blogs have described some of the interesting adventures I’ve had over the last few year. Now I’m having a whole new and unexpected adventure – scuba diving in my seventies. So, it seemed a good idea to set up a separate blog just for diving adventures.

Over the last couple of years I’ve started to combine Recreational and Conservation Diving and it’s something I feel proud to be participating in. From remote island projects where the invasion of Lion Fish is being addressed, cleaning up plastic bottles on coral reefs or diving with, and identifying, Manta Rays, it’s all been rather unexpectedly exciting

So, Follow Grandma Diving and discover some of the good things that are happening in the oceans right now.

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